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Wooden terrace board ThermoASH 20mm TENI

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Jedes Hand- und Dielenmuster kann nur einmal bestellt werden. Maximal 3 Handmuster.

Pattern type

Start into spring with our patio coverings!

Outdoor living space

A wooden terrace covering creates a cozy feeling of living and coziness like no other terrace covering.

Maintenance effort - A professionally installed terrace does not require any special maintenance. The effort depends on whether you want to preserve the original color of the wood for longer or let the wood turn gray naturally. If you want to preserve the color, we recommend special wood oils based on natural oils. (Oil 1-2 times a year depending on the desired color). These special oils naturally protect and care for the wooden terrace and are water and dirt repellent.

Wood always fits

A wooden terrace suits all styles – from rustic to simple.


  • The thermal treatment makes the ash wood perfect for outdoor use
  • ideal as a bare floor for terraces and balconies
  • dimensionally stable
  • Easy to process

We would be happy to put together the appropriate fastening and substructure upon request. We recommend mounting with Teni connectors on aluminum or wooden substructures.

Product Information

Dimensions: per board: thickness: 20 mm, width: 100 mm,

Sorting: PREMIUM/1. Choice

Surface: Smoothly planed with Teni profile - perfect for concealed fastening

Fastening: with Teni connector : € 104.04/pack. (80 pieces in a package) Depending on the center distance of the substructure (0.4 m) and the shape of the terrace, you need approx. 25 pieces per m²

Substructure: Aluminum rail RELO T in 2 m € 28.00/piece
With a 0.4 m center distance of the substructure, the requirement is 2.5 running meters per m²

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