Do you already have your living room or your dream kitchen in mind and would you like to hold the right Trumer wood product in your hands?

Do you want to feel the feel, check the dimensions and see what fits where? Then you are exactly right here!

Simply select your samples from the appropriate category and we will deliver up to 3 pieces to your home free of charge .


Who can order samples?

Are you interested in one or more of our products and would you like to test them out before purchasing the items? No problem! Use our free sample order simply and easily! Regardless of whether you are already a Trumerholz customer or are visiting our online shop for the first time: We will be happy to send you samples. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing the right product for your needs.

What can the patterns be used for?

The samples allow you to compare different products directly to find out which one suits you best.

How much do the samples cost?

Both the samples and the sample shipping are completely free.

How many samples can I order?

You can order up to 3 samples for free.
  • Chopped oak

    Nicole, on December 22nd, 2022

    We are thrilled with our new TV wall.

    We like the rustic style and the pleasant smell of wood in the living room.
    A few boards arrived damaged during shipping. They were delivered without any problems. This is a great service.

    Any time!

  • Steamed spruce

    Angela, on June 6th, 2023

    The first project with Trumer Holz has been completed, projects 2 & 3 will follow.

    We are thrilled with this wood and find it incredibly beautiful and cozy. The service is great and the price is right too.
    The assembly videos on the homepage were easy to understand.

  • old wood

    Christiane, on August 13, 2023

    Many thanks to the Trumer Holz team!

    Very friendly and helpful contact, super fast processing, TOP goods.

    From ordering to delivery, everything was a shopping experience and the result is impressive.

  • Pine chopped

    Florian, on August 18, 2023

    Our room conversion from bedroom to pine suite. We ordered pine wood from Trumer Holz for our bedroom.

    The wood arrived on time and is of very good quality.
    We can't describe how good this smells.

Thats what our customers say