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Wooden facade / wall unit, brushed thermal spruce

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Jedes Hand- und Dielenmuster kann nur einmal bestellt werden. Maximal 3 Handmuster.


NEW!! Alpine lifestyle for creative DIY enthusiasts! PURE NATURE

Brushed thermal spruce , natural

The one brushed according to old tradition surface solid solid wood gives everyone in a wide variety of applications masterpiece its very special touch!!


· made from naturally grown wood
· Particularly dimensionally stable and resistant thanks to thermal treatment
· 19mm solid wood
· Distinctive surface structure
· manufactured according to old traditions
· quick and easy processing using tongue and groove
· Edge designs or transitions easy to solve
· perfect product for a successful mix of materials
· Also very suitable for small areas

Our brushed thermal spruce is easy to assemble thanks to the longitudinal groove and groove milling and you can get to work quickly and easily with few tools and effort.

Product Information

Profile: Tongue and groove on the long side, capped at the front


Thickness: 19 mm, width (spring dimension) 196 mm

Sorting: RUSTIC - typical wood characteristics allowed

Surface: brushed, natural

Assembly: screwing

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