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MEZZO Larch, wooden flooring, oiled natural

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Floor with oiled surface made of solid larch wood.

A wooden floor increases the value of living spaces in a visible and tangible way. The natural material wood gives every room lively warmth and cosiness and offers the perfect basis for tasteful and style-conscious furnishing.

Surface already ready for installation. The planks have a tongue, groove and V-bevel on four sides. Brushed and oiled with natural oils ready for living - free from solvents. Due to the solid, continuous wood, natural wood floors are particularly durable and can often be resurfaced if necessary.


Product Information

Dimensions: per board: thickness: 27 mm, width: 137 mm (deck width)

Sorting: Rustic

Surface: brushed, oiled ready for living

Underfloor heating: approved by the manufacturer for bonding to underfloor heating (see installation recommendations)

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