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WOODY Spruce, wooden flooring, oiled natural

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Jedes Hand- und Dielenmuster kann nur einmal bestellt werden. Maximal 3 Handmuster.

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Experience the feeling of naturalness! Solid floorboard 100% Made in Austria!

Surface ready for living. Brushed and oiled with natural oils ready for living - free from solvents!!

4-sided with tongue, groove and V-bevel. Due to the solid, continuous wood, natural wood floors are particularly durable and can often be resurfaced if necessary.



Product Information

Dimensions: per board: thickness: 20 mm, width: 137 mm (deck width), length: 1.973 m (deck dimension)

Sorting: 2nd choice*

Surface: brushed, oiled ready for living

Underfloor heating: approved by the manufacturer for bonding to underfloor heating (see installation recommendations)



*2. Choice: All of our items are subject to strict criteria that must be met when selecting quality. Products that do not fully meet the strict selection criteria of the Astig grading are classified as second choice. Wood defects in BC grading can include knotholes, cracks, color variations, planing errors, partial lack of tongue and groove and twisting of the wood. Since this product is an absolutely affordable entry-level price, please make sure that at least 15 percent waste should be included in your order. This does not reduce the durability and resistance of the wood!

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