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Wood facade SAGA GRAY spruce "Katla"

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Jedes Hand- und Dielenmuster kann nur einmal bestellt werden. Maximal 3 Handmuster.


Inspired by Iceland

Harsh winters, bubbling volcanoes and a unique spectacle of nature - the diversity of the volcanic island of Iceland serves as inspiration for our wooden facades SAGA GRAY . "KATLA" is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland and just like its namesake, our facade has a beautiful, ashy tone.

The facade shines with a noble patina from day one and lets your home shine in the most beautiful gray tones, which were inspired by the nature of Iceland.

In a special finishing process, the use of water-based wood oil creates a natural, silky look and ensures a uniform overall impression. The oil protects the surface from UV rays and weather influences.

If you have any questions about use or assembly, write to us at or just call us on +43 6217 2900 320.

Product Information

Double rhombus tongue and groove

Dimensions: Thickness: 24mm, width (feather dimension): 146mm,

Sorting: Spruce VEH AB / 1st choice

Color: Outback Grey

Surface: rough look, gray oiled

Wood moisture: 14 +/-3%

Assembly: screw into the shadow groove

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